Daily schedule

We think it is important to make your baby get used to as best as possible. Everything is still new and exciting. The first year we will follow the rhythm of home and as of time we will discuss with you, the following steps to work towards a fixed daily rhythm.

Daily schedule

5.00/6:00 Day Room Open. Children can go to their own group.

7.00 Breakfast (bread or cereal) and tea/water drinks. Then playing time

9.00 In the circle with Kiki

9.15 Fruit & cracker and lemonade/drinking water

9.45 Changing/toilet and possibly some children to bed

10.00 Offer activities and/or outdoor play

11.30 Hot meal/bread and milk/drinking water

12.00 Changing/toilet, then playing time

12.15 Changing/toilet and bed time

12.45 Activity with the children who stay awake or playing time

15.15 Children who are not awake yet are taken out of bed, changed/toilet and dressed

15.30 Yogurt and healthy snack food and tea/water drink

15.45 Offer activity or playing time outside

17.15 Biscuit, water drinking and changing

18.00/18.30 Daycare Closes!

  • Times are taken approximately.
  • Babies have their own schedule.
  • Cracker can be understood as: Cracotte/cracker/Rijstewafel/soup stalk/gingerbread/egg cake/rusks
  • For the BSO we have a slightly different daily schedule. You can always ask our pedagogical staff or visit the office.


At Ewa’s Childcare all meals are included in the rates. We eat together with the children and give the babies their bottles in peace. Special and/or religious wishes can be specified, so we can discuss how to support this. We offer hot meals several times a week. These meals are freshly made every day, are varied and contain halal meat. The babies are getting infant milk Nutrilon or Hero up to 1 year. Mothers are always allowed to breast-feed their baby.