At Ewa’s Childcare we offer a daily range of activities. Our offer is adapted for the different ages and their perceptions. We sing songs, do handicrafts, read stories and play outside. Regular trips are also available. We like to go to nearby playgrounds, libraries, petting zoos and we like to do other fun activities such as attending a play.


In order to stimulate our children, we use teaching materials of Kiki. Every 4 weeks each group selects a theme that best suits the children of the group at that time. With the help of bear Kiki, the pedagogical staff member carries out activities that stimulates 4 areas of development for a child: motor skills, social-emotional development, speech & language and computational incentives. The themes are written in such manner that the bear provokes interaction with the children, challenges them and can be used as an aid piece between the child and the pedagogical worker. If you want to know more about Kiki, please ask our pedagogical staff.