Pedagogical Policy Plan

Ewa’s Childcare offers children a safe environment where they are heard and seen. An environment that offers peace and stimulates them to to play, explore and develop themselves. In this environment, Ewa’s Childcare considers every child as an individual. The needs and well-being of a child are the guiding principles for all our activities and care.

We believe that every child is unique in it’s own way and both the autonomy and self-esteem of a child deserve attention. Every child’s development of personality, talents, capacities and skills are in the point of focus. Children are being offered enough room and possibilities to develop themselves at their own pace.

It’s evident that the upbringing at home is of great influence on the development of a child. By keeping the daycare of Ewa’s Childcare as consistent with this as possible, both parents/caretakers and children feel a great sense of security and trust. Close cooperation with parents/caretakers is very important to Ewa’s Childcare, based on: openness, respect for one another and mutual trust.

Ewa’s Childcare clings to 4 education goals.

These are:

  • Offering emotional safety
  • Encouraging personal competence
  • Encouraging social competence
  • Acquiring values, norms and culture

The full pedagogical policy plan can be requested at our office.